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GrowsArtig Alfa Boost 1L

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GrowsArtig © Alpha Boost is is a natural herbal supplement, stimulant and booster for the plants health and growth. Alfa Boost speeds up ripening, while growing and flowering times are shortened. It comes thereby to an increase of the crop yield altogether. Seeds germinate faster and cuttings form roots faster. The plants quickly and reliably develop a well-developed root system, which makes them stronger and more vital. The possible diseases decreases as the plants are inherently more resistant. Alfa Boost promotes soil life by turning dead roots into vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and other regenerative substances. This creates an uplifting environment in the soil that prevents rot and prevents salinity. Contains: ?Triacontanol (accelerates metabolism) ?Enzymes (act as biocatalysts) ?Vitamins (strengthen the defense) ?Antioxidants (neutralize free radicals) ?Silica (strengthens the cell walls) ?Salicylic acid (helps with stress) ?Auxins (have a general promoting effect, but especially on rooting) ?Cytokinins (stimulate cell division) ?Gibberellins (accelerate the germination process) ?Abscisic acid (regulates, among other things, the stomatal transpiration) ?Bacterial and fungal cultures (optimize nutrient uptake, prevent salinization, improve the soil, strengthen the defensive power) ?Micro- and macronutrients in traces Dosing: ?Germination: 1 ml / L ?Rooting: 1-5 ml / 1 L ?Repotting: 2-4 ml / 1 L ?Vegetative: 2-10 ml / 1 L ?Blooming:4-20 ml / 1 L

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